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Portside Boat Insurance

As a family that has been boating across Canadian lakes for more than 90 years, we understand — being out on the water is an essential part of summer — and that needs to come with peace of mind.

For any boating style

Welcome to Portside.

From sailing off the Pacific coast to fishing the Great Lakes to tubing with the kids in the Muskokas, Portside sees it as our responsibility to every Canadian boating community that they are protected by the most comprehensive marine insurance coverage that will be there for them when they need it most.

Year after year, boaters continue to trust Portside while they’re underway on the open waters. For that reason, we will continuously take it as our responsibility to offer the highest quality boating insurance coverage. Contact us now to secure your personalized nautical package.

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Client Testimonials

"Quick service, easy application and competitively priced!"
Alan M.
"Fast and fair quote, signed up and ready to go in no time at all!"
Shane B.
"Very good customer service, quick at responding to inquiries. Very good prices on insurance for my fishing boat."
Bruno V.
"Very quick, competent, and affordable option for marine insurance."
Jason Y.

Why Choose Portside?

Our approach is to give you the power to choose what you need at a highly competitive cost. Whether you’re keen on comprehensive coverage for sailing a yacht to multiple destinations or taking part in the local bass tourney, we’re here to ensure what you insure is well taken care of. With Portside Plus in particular, you’re safeguarded against otherwise costlier expenses, including emergency tows, premium fishing equipment, and even hotel or temporary vehicle needs when filing a claim.

By enabling you to choose what you need in a simple, straightforward manner, Portside Marine Insurance is capable of providing peace of mind through well-informed insurance purchasing decisions. Not only that, but you’ll benefit from always new parts whenever a repair is required – along with no pesky betterment fees – and agreed value coverage that protects against depreciation for 15 years on most vessel types.

When you need to file a claim, we take immediate action. There’s no time to waste in the event of needing urgent repair reimbursements or emergency towing, among other potential complications. Our team is passionate about ensuring you have the finest, most frustration-free boating experience possible, and so we operate in a quick and highly efficient manner to satisfy any concerns.

We prioritize client and occupant financial security in addition to that of their vessel, gear, and otherwise. Whether transporting your Seadoo and ending up in an accident, powerboating and hitting an uncharted rock, or ending up in a collision with another vessel that causes injury or worse, our policies kick in to provide ample reimbursement. That way, you can breathe easier and have confidence in there being no sudden stressful expenses. Liability, theft, damage, and other coverage elements are readily available when choosing us.

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