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Bass Boat Insurance

Focus on nabbing the best catch of the season, not extra bills, with an insured bass boat. Fishing is a rite of passage for many Canadians, with our waterways rich in an abundance of species. Bass fishing is particularly popular, but this introduces some risks for the uninsured. More boats on the water, more anglers competing to cast their lines in just the right spot, and other factors can potentially lead to accidents or mishaps. 

Let our team at Portside Insurance ensure peace of mind with our comprehensive bass boat insurance policies. Our customized coverage options are designed in a way to ensure all the essentials are taken care of, from reimbursing hotel and vehicle expenses when a claim is filed to recovery expenses in the event of a breakdown or emergency tow.

Why You Need Bass Boat Insurance

Bass boat insurance isn’t only useful when on the water; you may run into trouble when storing your vessel or transporting it as well, and our coverage protects you in these instances. Theft is also included, reimbursing for not only the boat and/or trailer itself but also any possessions on board at the time of the robbery. This, of course, includes any expensive equipment used for bass fishing, from rods to lures and everything in between.

On that note, if you’re competing in a tournament, you might not realize that some insurance policies exclude coverage for the duration of the event. We don’t do that. Your liability and physical damage protection remain active at all times. Peace of mind should never be temporary.

What to Consider When Shopping for Bass Boat Insurance

Agreed Value

Protecting your bass boat against depreciation helps you get the most possible value out of your investment for as long as possible. Portside is proud to offer agreed value coverage that ensures this is possible, which remains active for 15 years on most types of boats.

What if You Need Emergency Towing?

An emergency tow can be incredibly expensive and stressful, but you don’t need to worry about the cost when having a Portside Plus policy active. We’ll even take care of rental boat expenses if you’ve filed a claim.

Repair Costs and Replacement Parts

A bass boat insurance company may sometimes incorporate betterment fees as part of repairs, and you might not even get brand-new parts. We do things differently here. Our own bass boat insurance policies have no betterment fees of any kind, and you’ll always get new and reliable parts whenever repairs are required. That way, you don’t need to cut corners to save costs on maintaining a vessel designed for a highly competitive sport.

Replacing Equipment

Any experienced bass fisherman knows that the competitive side of the sport is not one for those with light pockets – quality equipment optimized for tournaments doesn’t come cheap, but it is built to last. That said, in the event of theft, damage caused by vermin or an accident, or otherwise, having the right coverage means you’ll be reimbursed. That’s what we offer with our policies, helping you get right back to casting your line. 

Portside bass boat insurance covers all the angles for anglers, ensuring you don’t have to. From liability and damage protection to complete vessel replacements and depreciation safeguards, we leave nothing to chance in our customizable policies. To learn more about the options available to you – and at pricing as competitive as the sport itself – don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re happy to help you find the right solution for your needs, looking after your investment so you can focus on enjoying it to the fullest.

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