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Boat Insurance Saskatchewan

Ensure you, your family and your boat are safeguarded both in and out of the water

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Whether you own a sailboat, fishing boat, pontoon or a fancy yacht, owning a boat is a big investment that should be properly protected. Without the right insurance policy in place, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable if a fire or accident occurs and you’re suddenly left having to pay out of pocket. Don’t get caught off guard when disaster strikes. Our team at Portside Insurance will work with you to match the best coverage and rates to ensure you, your family and your boat are safeguarded both in and out of the water.

Independent Brokers Who Work for You

If you’ve already taken a brief look at the different types of policies and insurance products online, it can feel dizzying when you don’t really understand what you need to make sure you’re fully protected. At Portside Insurance, our insurance brokers are here to work as your ally. We are professional, experienced and work independently from insurance companies, which means we always put our clients’ needs first. No matter the size, purpose or type of boat that you own, we will find the best policy at the best rate for you.

Tailored Solutions for Your Boating Needs

Every boat owner comes with a unique set of needs. Our representatives will take the time to understand yours so that we can source the necessary insurance products that will protect all of your assets onboard. If you need boat insurance in Saskatchewan, as well as coverage outside of the province, or if you want to bring on a cleaning crew to help maintain your boat during the summer, we’ll take all of your details into account and do the leg work to cover any unforeseen risks that could arise. This includes emergency breakdowns, towing expenses, loss of personal belongings, supplies, and more.

Bundles and Add-ons

As your independent broker, we will look for any way to save you money, whether it’s insurance bundling or discounts offered for experienced boaters. If there’s a way to reduce your rates, we’ll find it. And whenever you need additional coverage beyond your current policy, we’ll match the coverage options that you need, whether it’s:

  • Liability
  • Loss of use
  • Replacement or upgrade replacement
  • Emergency expense reimbursements
  • Supplies and fishing equipment

Your boat is your prized asset and a big investment that deserves the right coverage. When you need boat insurance in Saskatchewan, contact Portside Insurance.

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