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Boat Insurance Options

Customized coverage for your boating style.

Customized Coverage Options

These options are available individually, or as a package:


Portside Plus

A convenient, low cost choice that combines all three of the customized coverage options into one simple package.

Our Specialties

Agreed Value Coverage:

Portside offers options for protection against depreciation for 15 years on most boats.

New parts on repairs:

We provide new parts without any betterment fees.

Portside Plus Coverage:

Portside covers fishing, surfing/skiing gear and equipment as well as towing charges and a rental boat if you have a claim.


The easiest way to set up a policy is to contact our office at 1-844-491-0963 or email us at You will receive a no-obligation quote emailed to you within minutes of speaking with us.

Boat insurance is not currently required by law, however; insuring your boat provides you coverage if a liability claim were to arise. This includes injuries to people and/or their property caused by your boat. Coverage also gives you peace of mind for all perils (collision, fire, theft, vermin and vandalism). Having coverage is also a requirement for your finance company or marina.

Our policy provides you with full coverage, 12 months a year, against collision, fire, theft, vermin and vandalism. You also have coverage for personal effects, emergency towing and loss of use. Your boat is not covered for freezing unless it is winterized by a licensed mechanic.

In order to make a change to your policy you must call us at 1-844-491-0963 and we will make all the necessary changes for you and advise you if your premium will be affected by the change.

Marine policies will cover physical damage to the boat while it is being trailered and your auto policy will cover the liability losses. For example, if you are trailering your watercraft and someone rear-ends you, damaging the watercraft, the marine policy will respond. If your trailer side-swipes another motorist, causing damage to the third party vehicle, your auto policy will respond.

Yes. Our full coverage policies cover your boat 12 months a year, in the water, traveling down the road while being towed behind your truck and while in storage.

Any person who meets the following criteria can drive your boat and is covered under your boater’s insurance:

  • Holds a valid boaters licence
  • No criminal record on their current driver’s licence
  • Has your permission

Your best option would be to call our office anytime between 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM EST (4:30 PM MT) at 1-844-491-0963.

We still receive claims during the lay-up period. Examples are:

  • Vermin damage (squirrels and raccoons love living in boats during the winter)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Storage shed collapse due to storm damage as well as straight storm damage

A marine survey is required for all sail boats, cruisers, cuddy cruiser, cabin cruisers that are 20 years old and over 22 feet in length. The survey must be no older than 5 years old on the day of submission.

  • Agreed Value: means that in the event of a total loss, no depreciation will be applied to the amount listed on your policy. In the event of any partial losses (repairs) the insurance company agrees to pay to repair your watercraft with brand new parts, not exceeding the limit of your insurance.
  • Actual Cash Value: means that depreciation is applied to all claims (partial or total), so the amount you receive will be reflective of current market value of the whole watercraft or the part that was damaged.
  • If you have a claim for your boat, it will affect your home and auto insurance rates and likely increase your premiums.
  • The coverage is more comprehensive and specified for your boat. This will ensure that your watercraft is fully covered.
  • During the claims process, you will be assigned with a marine specific adjuster that will be more knowledgeable about the situation and vessel.
  • You will receive a more competitive price for your insurance.

For any boating style