3 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Boating


As June begins, we know we aren’t the only ones eager to get out onto the water. However, there’s somethings to consider before you start boating again.

So, grab your captain’s hat and let’s dive into some essential information on water levels, lock ways and wildfires. 

Monitoring Water Levels 

Since transition from winter to spring often brings changes in water levels you will want to monitor them to avoid hazards, such as submerged obstacles and shallow areas 

Keep in mind that even familiar routes can change with shifting water levels, especially shallow areas or when docking your boat. So, exercise caution when navigating your favorite waterways. 

Navigating Locks 

If you plan on crossing boat locks this summer its important to check their hours of operation, the cost (typically there’s a 1-way permit, 6-day permit and season permit) and if its under maintenance. 

Don’t forget to plan your routes accordingly, factoring in the time it takes to pass through locks and any potential delays. Give yourself enough time to get through the lock before they close.

Additionally, stay updated on any temporary closures or changes in operation hours, which can impact your travel plans. 

Wildfires and Boating 

With last year’s record-breaking number of wildfires it’s important to know what to do if you are in an area close to an active wildfire.  Here’s some quick tips: 

  • Avoid getting close to waterbombers and other aircrafts that are fighting an active wildfire. They need plenty of space to scoop up water. 
  • Check local advisories to see if there’s any restrictions (boating or otherwise). Stay informed on the current situation in your area. 
  • Check the coverage on your boat’s trailer & have a back up plan on how to get your boat out of the water! Last year a lot of boat trailers burned while the boat was in the water and left people trying to figure out how of get their vessels out of the water at the end of the summer. 

For more information and how to stay informed check out our blog on wildfires and boating. 

Review Your Insurance Coverage 

Before you go to put your boat in the water, take a moment to review your boat insurance coverage. Make sure that your insurance policy is up-to-date and gives you adequate protection for your boat, passengers, and liabilities. 

 Spring is an excellent time to reassess your insurance coverage needs and make any necessary adjustments. 

From monitoring water levels to reviewing insurance coverage, we’re here to help you! So, whether you’re a weekend cruiser or a seasoned sailor, our team will provide guidance every step of the way. Contact us for a quote or more information