15 Gift Ideas for Boat Enthusiasts

15 Gift Ideas for Boat Enthusiasts

They say the holiday season is all a-boat giving. Do you know a watercraft enthusiast, but you’re knot sure what to get them? Puns aside, boating is a niche that uses lots of valuable equipment and fun gadgets. There are many products for different purposes at various price points, so there is something for everyone to give. Anchor up! Here are 15 gift ideas for boat owners that will leave an impression. 

Gifts for Practical Use

If you want to explore gift ideas for boat owners that add practical value, you’re in the right place. These are items that can make the experience on the water more convenient.

Waterproof Portable Charger

With technology being a staple in our everyday lives, having a consistent power supply, even when you’re on the water, can be necessary for charging electronics like smartphones. Stay connected with your boat enthusiast loved ones by ensuring they remain a quick phone call away. Some waterproof chargers are also solar-powered for convenient recharging.

Multipurpose Tool

When out on the water, you never know what situations may arise and require a handy tool. A multipurpose tool can be a practical way to save space while having all your essentials on hand, like a screwdriver, pliers, knives, files and bottle openers.

Boat Loop

A boat loop is used when leaving or coming back to the dock. This tool typically extends to avoid dangerous leaning over the boat when reaching for dock posts and cleats. Boat loops also provide a steady way to maneuver your watercraft near the dock without getting too close and risking damage from potential impacts.

Boat Cleaning Kit

If you have a boat enthusiast in your life, chances are they also care about the cleanliness and look of their watercraft. Cleaning kits can include soaps, polishers, waxes, all-purpose cleaners and scrubs. They may also have finishers for vinyl to ensure the seats stay in top shape.

Boat Radar

For all the captains out there, a marine radar can be a valuable tool to help with navigation. These radars detect the position of objects like other boats, birds and landmasses relative to the boat’s location. 

Waterproof Floating Dry Bag

Items like keys, wallets, and cell phones often come aboard for a day on the water. In some accidents or emergencies, these belongings may go overboard. A waterproof floating dry bag can keep these valuables safe and easily retrievable from the water.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker ensures that you can keep an eye on your vessel when you’re not around. It protects your watercraft from theft and any unauthorized use. At Portside Marine Insurance, we offer a 10% insurance discount for all boats with a GPS device that can track location from a cell phone or laptop.


Nature feels abundant when you’re out on the water. A monocular can be a nice gift for boat lovers who like to admire shorelines, far-off trees, or birdwatching. They can use this to spot wildlife on the shores or look closely at anything else that catches their eye.


Also known as boat bumpers, fenders provide a cushion between your boat and other objects like another boat or dock. This gift will offer protection and bring boat owners peace of mind during minor run-ins to reduce the chance of making any insurance claims.

Gifts for Having Fun on the Water

Add-ons and cool gadgets make great gifts for boat owners that can enhance their experiences on the water. While not mandatory for driving a vessel, these items can make a good day great for everyone on board.

Boat Bar

When the summer sun is shining just right, boat enthusiasts may get together with their friends or family for a day of fun. A boat bar or drink caddy can attach to the watercraft and securely hold drinks (or food) to avoid spills as you ride the waves.

Waterproof Action Camera

Some of the greatest moments happen out on the water. That’s why a waterproof action camera may be the ideal gift for boat owners. Not only can you find cameras with incredible features and quality, but you can rest assured that even in an accident, these cameras will protect their memories.

Waterproof Speaker

If the person on your mind is a boat lover and a music fan, a waterproof speaker may be a good gift for them to experience the best of both worlds. They can jam out to their favourite tunes while also surrounded by the sounds of water without fear of getting the speaker wet.

Towable Tube

For the boaters who like even more action when they’re with their friends and family, consider gifting a towable tube. These inflatable items are a fun way to bring out smiles and catch a few waves of adrenaline. 

Other Gift Ideas for Boat Enthusiasts

Some gift ideas can be thoughtful and all-around cool for boat owners to possess. While these are not necessities, they can surely bring joy to anyone with a passion for their vessel.

Captain Hat 

Make your favourite boat enthusiast feel official with a classic captain hat. Not only will it be a good look, but the smiles it might bring will undoubtedly make them feel sea-worthy.

Boat Portrait

A sentimental way to honour a person’s love for their boat is to get a portrait of their exact watercraft. You can commission an artist to sketch or paint the vessel, which can be a thoughtful gift, unique from digital photographs.

Waterproof Notepad

For those wanderers who like the traditional feel of pen and paper, a waterproof notebook is a special way to capture thoughts on the water without worrying about ruining the paper. These notebooks can also serve as sketchbooks or navigation journals.

Time spent boating can create fond memories for many people. With these gift ideas for boat owners in mind, you can add value to their experiences and show them you care. If you know a boat enthusiast or are one yourself, always take the necessary steps to keep everyone on board safe. One way to do this is through boat insurance
At Portside Marine Insurance, we offer customized boat insurance policies to fit your specific needs. If you are thinking about getting a watercraft or don’t currently have insurance, contact us to learn more about the responsibilities of boat ownership and what policies are right for you.